27-28 March 2003 - Centre for Philosophy of Law - UCL


Background paper


Communicative Processes and capacity Building for SIA

Conclusion : Improving SIA in policy practice : Lessons from the workshop

References to go further on SIA


Jacques Lenoble (CPRD)

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Panel 1 : Modeling Sustainability Impact Assessment

Sustainability Impact Assessment and integrated modelling in controversial universes: a background, Olivier Godard (Ecole polytechnique)

From the "pursuit of happiness" to the "pursuit of sustainability", René von Schomberg (DG Research)

Predicting Change or Assessing Resilience of Social-Ecological Systems? Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainability Impact Assessment, (power point presentation) Marco Janssen (University of Indiana)

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Panel 2 - 3 : Communicative Processes and capacity Building for SIA

The Marine Stewardship Council (MSC): A Multi-Stakeholder Assessment Process for Sustainable Fisheries, (power point presentation) Oluyemisi Oloruntuyi (Marine Stewardship Council)

User-driven certification of computer displays: from visions and innovation to global standard, Per-Erik Boivie (TCO Labeling)

The Role of Public Participation in SIAs, Markus Knigge (Ecologic)

Example of ACP Countries

Marie-Cécile Thirion (Solagral)

EPAs-What's in it for Women? Gender impact assessment of trade liberalization in Zimbabwe, Karin Ulmer (Aprodev)

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Panel 4 - 5 : The use of SIA in organizations

When Does Power Listen to Truth?, Peter Haas and Zuhre Aksoy (University of Massachusetts)

Eric Peters (DG Trade)

Mainstreaming integrated impact assessment into practice: Lessons from national and local government case studies in the UK (power point), Sue Milner (University of Northumbria)

Consultation and Participation in European Governance, Reform: The Role of Sustainability Impact Assessment, Colin Kirkpatrick (University of Manchester)

Improving sustainability assessment: political will, institutional inertia and transparency, Keith Tyrell (WWF)

Integrating sustainability assessment in the WTO, (power point presentation) Hugo Cameron (ICTSD)

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Conclusion : Improving SIA in policy practice : Lessons from the workshop

Conclusions SIA seminar (power point presentation), Tom Dedeurwaerdere (CPDR)

Patrick ten Brink, chair and moderator (IEEP)